Twenty years from concept to market is too long for new nano and other materials that can be used to create better, safer, lighter, more efficient products across industries. The Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute is part of the national Advanced Manufacturing Partnership’s Materials Genome Project, aimed at speeding our understanding of material science to help industry develop new products and processes in the same way that the Human Genome Project accelerated biological sciences. Our work affords industry the expertise and capacity to experiment – to conduct trial and error in virtual fashion.


The Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute is working across traditional approaches to bring to bear more precision, accuracy, and efficiency – and non-traditional approaches to decouple the scale of production from unit costs. The latter approach via digital manufacturing is crucial to the competitiveness of industries with smaller scale production.


The Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute brings an enterprise perspective – from concept through the supply chain – affording manufacturers the expertise, facilities, and capacity to optimize quality, cost, and performance.