Professional Staff

Financial Manager
Research Associate II
GTMI 373
(404) 385-1935
Research Interests:
Small Business/Startup Partnerships, SBIR/STTR; Carbon and metallic nanomaterials/nanocomposites; CFRP composites; Printed and flexible electrodes/electronics; Electrochemical energy storage and conversion; Flexible thermoelectrics for energy harvesting or cooling; 3D printing, Bioprinting; and Biosensors
Assistant Director, Business Operations
335 Callaway Manufacturing Research Building
(404) 894-9226
GTMI 216
(404) 385-2062
Senior Research Scientist, Director, Laboratory for Extreme Tribology & Diagnostics
452 Callaway Manufacturing Research Building
(404) 894-3270
Research Interests:
Strategic management of technology; Equipment asset management; and Surface engineering, including thermal phenomena, wear and fatigue
Morris M. Bryan, Jr. Chair in Mechanical Engineering for Advanced Manufacturing Systems The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering
Callaway Manufacturing Research Center, Room 255
(404) 385-6027
Marketing Communications Manager
Professional Manager, IT Support
337 Callaway Manufacturing Research Building
(404) 894-9383
Principal Engineer, Director, Factory Information Systems Center
316 Callaway Manufacturing Research Building
(404) 894-9161
Director, Strategic Partnerships
3410 Manufacturing Related Disclipines Complex (MRDC)
(404) 385-4950
Faculty Support Coordinator
Associate Director, Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, Morris M. Bryan, Jr. Professor, George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering
381 Callaway Manufacturing Research Building
(404) 894-8499
Website(s): Bio Page
Research Interests:
Manufacturing and Tribology; Precision machining, fixturing/handling, and hybrid micromachining processes
Executive Assistant
311 Callaway Manufacturing Research Building
(404) 894-0033
Research Associate
222 Callaway Manufacturing Research Building
(404) 385-4058
Research Interests:
Composite joining and repair, nondestructive inspection, finite element analysis, safety of composite structures, steel reinforced thermoplastic composite, carbon fiber reinforced polymer, advanced sensing and structure health monitoring
Facilities Manager
Executive Director, Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, Gwaltney Chair in Manufacturing Systems, Professor in Materials Science & Engineering, Georgia Tech Chief Manufacturing Officer, and Chair of the National Materials and Manufacturing Board (NMM
312 Callaway Manufacturing Research Building
(404) 894-9100
Website(s): Bio Page
Research Interests:
Applying emerging technologies to improve manufacturing competitiveness, process development for affordable composite materials, nanotechnology and nanomaterials science
Research Engineer II
GTMI - 375
Research Interests:
Additive manufacturing technologies, printed electronics technologies, nanomanufacturing technologies, and their applications in biomedical devices and regenerative medicine.
Professor, H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering
Groseclose Building, Room 334
(404) 894-4321
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Research Interests:
Scalable nanomanufacturing, modeling, simulation, and optimal design of advanced composite and nanomaterials manufacturing processes, multifunctional materials development, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, and metrology