Extreme Tribology - Analysis


Analysis & Diagnostics

The most important part of any lab is being able to accurately diagnose and analyze the experiments that have been run. We have all the tools required to analyze the tests from the high-speed tribometer and other experiments. We also have software that allows us to model and simulate experiments. Coupled with the other analysis devices offered at other Georgia Tech labs we have all the equipment necessary to fully analyze and diagnose each experiment.

Listed below are just some of the tools we have that allows us analyze, model, and simulate various experiments

  • Hardness and scratch tester. Allows for the testing of the hardness of a material
  • Zygo New View: White Light Interferometer. Allows for the characterizing and quantifying of surface roughness step heights, critical dimensions, and other topographical features with excellent precision and accuracy. 
  • CETR: Pin-on-Disc Multi-Specimen Test System. This device measures the capability for electrical contact between two surfaces.
  • PerkinElmer: Spectrum 400 FT-IR/FT-FiR Spectrometer. Used to determine the mass of an object and see how it changes.
  • High Speed Video Cameras. Used to capture the video of the projectiles exiting the high-speed tribometer to accurately analyze it. 
  • Thermal Cameras. This camera is used for multiple applications such as determining where the most heat dissipation occurs.