Manufacturing Scholars Program

The Manufacturing Scholars Program is now accepting Student Applications for 2017-2018!

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Program Overview and Goals

The Manufacturing Scholars Program is a newly-developed program within the Manufacturing Education Program at the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI) designed to provide top Georgia Tech (GT) undergraduate students (“Manufacturing Scholars”) with a combination of project- and industry-based experiential learning opportunities in manufacturing. The program will leverage critical partnerships between GTMI, GT faculty, and sponsoring manufacturing companies to:

  • accelerate the development of awareness, interest, skills, and knowledge in manufacturing for top GT undergraduate students;
  • increase the size and quality of the manufacturing talent pipeline for sponsor companies; and,
  • enhance collaboration between GT faculty and sponsor manufacturing companies to solve important manufacturing challenges.

Manufacturing Scholars will be selected according to a rigorous application process with input from GTMI, the sponsoring company, and GT faculty. Once selected, Manufacturing Scholars complete a nine-month (two-semester) paid manufacturing-related project, as well as a three-month manufacturing-related paid summer internship at the sponsor site. The project will be designed by the sponsoring company, in collaboration with GTMI and a GT faculty member, and carried out at GT under the guidance of the faculty member.  The internship will be carried out at the company site, with a focus on implementation of project results.

Companies - Learn how to sponsor a Manufacturing Scholar

Companies can, and are encouraged to, support multiple Manufacturing Scholars so that they can accomplish multiple technical projects, while simultaneously attracting more top-performing GT students with a manufacturing background to their organization. If your company is interested in sponsoring a Manufacturing Scholar, please contact:


Students -  Apply to become a Manufacturing Scholar

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