Centers & Labs

Georgia Tech has almost 400,000 square feet of space and state-of-the-art core facilities for manufacturing research:

Additive Manufacturing

Using innovative direct digital manufacturing to improve cost structure and delivery lead-time in creating mechanical parts and electronic devices.

Analytics and Prognostic Systems

Leveraging real-time condition monitoring data to improve change detection, diagnostics and prognostics of modern day manufacturing and service systems.

Extreme Tribology & Diagnostics

Studying the physical interaction between contacting surfaces when one surface if moving at a relatively high speed in relation to the other surface.

Factory Information Systems

Developing, testing, and launching innovative software and technology that boosts manufacturing efficiency.

Model-based Systems Engineering

Applying software and electronics innovations to create analytic models that predict system performance, optimize system parameters, and create knowledge repositories for future systems development.

Precision Machining

Researching and applying technologies for enhanced productivity, part quality, difficult-to-machine features, and machine tool utilization of precision finishing processes.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Applying scientific principles to optimize the design and integration of supply chain processes, infrastructure, technology, and strategy including developing new analysis, design and management tools, and concepts and strategies.

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

Developing materials, processes, and systems for implementing and operationalizing sustainability.

Ultra-lightweight, Energy Efficient Materials and Structures

Using rigorous experimental and modeling R & D to advance and mature technology in aerospace, biomedical, defense, energy, and industrial equipment.